OrganoMune Dry ┬«┬áAdvanced yeast cell wall extract fermentation technology OrganoMune┬áDry provides a full potency brewers yeast from a specially selected strain of S. cerevisiae for all feed and pet food applications in an economical, palatable and free-flowing form. OrganoMune┬áDry is made by a unique process that dries the yeast at temperatures one-half or less than spray dried yeast. This exclusive process is made possible by the addition to the yeast of a low-fiber fraction brewer’s grain carrier, and assures full nutrient availability and outstanding palatability. This carrier not only allows the yeast to be dried at a much lower temperature, but also adds important nutritional components, outstanding dietary fiber and excellent flow ability and handling characteristics to the product.Brewers yeast is the single richest source of naturally occurring B-complex vitamins available. Thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and choline are all supplied in substantial quantities and in a bio-available form by brewers yeast. In addition to the B-complex vitamins, brewers yeast also contains a high level of highly digestible protein with an excellent amino acid balance. It is also the best source of naturally occurring selenium, a trace mineral necessary for proper muscle growth and development. Brewers yeast is an important and valuable ingredient for quality pet food and livestock formulations. Indeed, nutritionists look to brewer yeast not only for the obvious nutritional values, but also for the extra benefits and nutritional insurance that it provides, especially in their premium quality products.The brewers yeast in OrganoMune┬áDry is fully fermented with no unfermented carbohydrates. Some breweries and yeast processors kill the yeast soon after it is removed from the fermenters. This stops the fermentation process and by the nature of the removal process includes quantities of non-fermented carbohydrates in the finished yeast product. While these non-fermented carbohydrates are not bad, they do not contain the nutritional benefits of the yeast cells. The OrganoMune┬áDry process includes a raw yeast holding step that permits the yeast cells to fully consume and digest all of the fermentable carbohydrates and therefore contains the full measure of yeast available from the brewing process.

Because brewers yeast in OrganoMune Dry is dried in combination with the brewers grain in rotary grain dryers, it is exposed to very low temperatures for a short period of time. In most cases, the drying temperatures used in the manufacture of OrganoMune Dry are one-half or less than conventionally dried brewers yeast. These lower drying temperatures result in less heat related nutrient degradation and binding and assures more consistent palatability.

Generally, breweries treat by-products (yeast and grain), as necessary evils of the beer making process. They are in the business of making beer, and the by-products are given low priority. Our main business is feed ingredients and our yeast products are a very important priority. OrganoMune Dry is available in bags, bulk and bulk bags. Yeast products generally are available only in bags and substantial handling in the production facility. In those facilities with bulk storage and handling capabilities.

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