99.2-100% in vitro efficacy against Aflatoxins may be shown.

How does Organosil Dry contribute to a safer and healthier environment ?

  • High affinity for binding ammonia helps reduce respiratory problems.
  • Promotes a safer and healthier environment.
  • Diminishes wet droppings and wet litter caused by diarrhea.
  • Reduces ammonia emissions and odor from litter to improve air quality.
  • Bio degradable and environmentally friendly upon excretion.
  • Non-toxic to both animals and humans.

150 – 300 micron or 100 – 50 mesh or 0,1 – 0,3 mm.

Add to feed mixer with other ingredients and mix homogenously.

General inclusion: 1-4 kg per ton of feed.
Mycotoxin Control & Removal: 4-6 kg per ton of feed.
Ammonia Binding: 5-15 kg per ton of feed.
*Otherwise as directed by your nutritionist.
Aflatoxin Level Organosil Dry Ammonia Organosil Dry

(ppb) Inclusion Rate* Concentration Inclusion Rate*

<20 1 kg Low 5 kg
20-40 2 kg Medium 10 kg
40-60 3 kg High 15 kg
60-80 4 kg
80-100 5 kg
>100 6 kg
* Per ton of finished feed.

What is Organosil Dry?
It’s a toxin binder ammonia binder and anti-caking agent with a very high cation-exchange capacity (CEC). Organosil Dry is suitable for use in all types of animal feed.
Organosil Dry contains an extremely pure form of clinoptilolite, which is a zeolite naturally formed by the devitrification of volcanic ash in lakes and marine water.

How does Organosil Dry work?
Organosil Dry contains high purity clinoptilolite(minimum 95%) one of the most effective natural zeolites of the Heulandites type. It is a crystalline hydrated aluminosilicate with a three dimensional honeycomb structure.
The typical structure contains 2-8 Angström sized pores. These pores are by nature  negatively charged by the cation Ca,KNa. These cations can absorb ammonium and heavy metals such as Pb Hg and Cd, and grants Organosil Drythe capacity to Exchange cations. It is this high cation exchange capacity of clinoptilolite that provides most of Organosil Dry’s useful properties.

The Benefit of Organosil DryA Very high IonExchange Capacity
The high ion-exchange capacity is at the very core of Organosil Dry’s mode of action which makes it an excellent toxin binder, anti-caking and ammonia binding agent.Organosil Dry has a low binding affinity for antibiotics, coccidiostats, Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, other nutrients and feed additives leading to less  waste, which in turn saves Money.

What are the major  Improvements to feed quality?
Guaranteed to increase ability to bind aflatoxins and other types of mycotoxins.
Strongly binds ammonium and heavy metals such as cadmium nickel, lead and mercury.
Improves uniform dispersion of feed ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration during mixing.
Improves pellet durability.

Will Organosil Dry Improve the health and performance of the animals?
Yes extensive research shows that Organosil Dry.
Improves growth rate and increases daily weight gain by improving feed conversion efficiency in all animal species.
Reduces incidences of scours, acidosis, enteritis and other gastrointestinal tract problems.
Supports proper growth and development of bone tissue and structure.
Improves egg quality in terms of internal quality, egg shell quality and results in fewer dirty eggs in commercial layers.
Boosts and strengthens the immune system to protect animals against various diseases.
Minimizes the risk of secondary bacterial invaders such as E. Coli and Salmonella spp.
Acts as a rumen buffer in the digestive tract of high performance dairy cattle.
Provides high return on investment at low cost.

Is Organosil Dry free from heavy metals?
Yes, it has a high degree of purity and is free from heavy metals.